Mothermorphosis - Your Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation
Mothermorphosis - Your Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation

If you have had children in the past seven years and are experiencing fatigue and depletion Mothermorphosis – the Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation will support you to:

  • Be able to define the qualities of Postnatal Depletion
  • Identify the specific symptoms which constitute this syndrome and apply them to your own unique situation
  • Have an understanding from a medical point of view about why you are feeling so lethargic or run-down and why some of your general conditions tend to worsen after becoming
  • Gain an appreciation for the specific tools, resources and support you need to recover and reduce your isolation and disempowerment
  • Gain enormous insights into how to regain your health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective based on sound and tested evidence
  • Deepen your repertoire of tools to support them to realize your potential
  • Become an even better mother than you could have ever aspired to be.

This book will:

  • Support you to implement an individualised Medical Action Plan (iMAP) to guide and assist them through the wellness matrix.
  • Support you to reclaim your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and energy so that you may become a calm and inspiring role model to other mothers.
  • Teach you strategies that will be beneficial for life towards improving your diet, sleep, movement awareness and self-purpose to maintain optimal health and realize your full potential as a mother.

butterfly14807210_xsThere are an increasing number of mothers who have children late in life. They’re more likely to experience a high rate of physical consequences such as lethargy, memory disturbances and poor energy levels. This is a condition author Dr. Oscar Serrallach has coined “Postnatal Depletion”. Recovery from Postnatal Depletion depends upon holistically addressing and attending to a mother’s biology, psychology and life-purpose. Dr Serrallach’s groundbreaking book for women outlines a program that has been developed based on his observations and support to dozens of women with Postnatal Depletion.

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