oscar_serrallach_KNP_1464Hi, I’m Dr Oscar Serrallach and I am so delighted to be bringing this focus on Mothers’ Health into the world.  I so deeply believe that mothers are the fabric of our society – healthy society needs healthy families, and healthy families rely on healthy mothers. And yet I see so many women at my clinic who are chronically depleted, and only come to see me after years of being this way, at the point of desperation.

Not only have I seen this pattern of Post-Natal Depletion occurring in my patients, but also in my own partner Caroline, mother of our three children, and among our friends and personal networks.  I’ve seen families breaking apart due to lack of support and information, and the enormous stress of modern motherhood, combined with a unique pattern of symptoms associated with the post-natal period.  As a father I have witnessed the strain and experienced the lack of awareness at a societal level, and as a doctor I am aware of the lack of any medical focus on this dilemna.

This project “Mothermorphosis – Your Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation” will bridge that gap, and bring hope to many women who feel that “they will never be the same again” or that “their sense of well being is gone for good”.  It will be a workbook to support you through a process of recognition, treatment and recovery, just as I have supported hundreds of women through my clinic.  I have seen mothers not only return to a vibrant state of health, but also transformed and enlightened by the journey.  It is my wish that Mothers be fully supported in their physical and emotional wellbeing to fully experience the joy and fulfilment of motherhood once more.

Dr Oscar Serrallach graduated with a medical degree (MBChB) from the Auckland School of Medicine, New Zealand in 1996. He received his fellowship of Family Medicine and General Practice in 2008 and is currently completing a Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He is the owner and principal doctor at the Mullumbimby Integrative Medical Centre based in Northern NSW Australia, which he has been running since 2011.