A call to be in arms!!

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Mothers supporting each otherWelcome to my first blog. I’m very excited to be doing a regular post with a focus on perinatal health and family well-being.

As many of you know I’m a medically trained doctor who has been working in Mullumbimby in northern New South Wales Australia the last four years. I have specialised training in General practice and a nutritional and environmental medicine. My journey as a doctor, as a partner, and as a father has led me to become a specialist in helping mothers recover from what I have termed postnatal depletion. This is yet to be recognised as a condition or syndrome in the medical world but as we all know this is very much part of the reality of many mothers with young children. Through my medical clinic, through my book, through doing clinical research and through our online community I aim to set up a “framework” of services both in the clinic and online that mother can plug into to receive the level of support, care and information that they are requiring. We are seeing a revival and re-establishment of motherhood as an honoured and sacred path.

Just as in generations gone by mothers grew up in a matrilineal system learning from their mothers and from the sacred woman in their community.

They would have gathered in the town centres and at the marketplaces for general social support, that would have gathered in their homes with their families in a circle for deeper connection and support.
They would have gathered in their secret meeting places for ceremony and ritual to maintain connection with the divine and sacred feminine.

I am lucky to be part of an amazing community with much knowledge and wisdom, pioneering thinkers and humble individuals in deep service of their communities.

I aim to help connect these elements to enable mothers and families to plug in to an incredibly rich tapestry of information and support and then to use this to help inspire and guide other communities.
Through re-engaging communities and maternal networks and by providing information and forums I ask that we all become part of this very necessary upgrade of how we educate and support our mothers.
I invite mothers to become involved at whatever level they are able to whether it simply be following the blog and our social media, spreading the word, contributing to the online forums, sharing stories, becoming a support person, writing articles or setting up community support groups.

This is not “a call to arms” but “a call to be in arms”. The Dalai Lama was quoted in 2012 as having said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman”. I wholeheartedly agree but would even upgrade this to include the “world will be saved by the Western mother”.

If mothers are honoured and supported and are truly allowed to shine in their roles, then children flourish, relationships stay strong, communities remain healthy and society can slowly start the job of healing and rebuilding the scars from previous generations.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you feel you might like to be involved or how you feel you can contribute or simply how it is you feel you need to be supported. You can contact me through Facebook at my page Dr. Oscar Serrallach.


Dr Oscar